"[W]e’re tired of apologizing for what are honestly the best parts of us."

"[the T] is revelatory in a quiet way—an intimate, finely-textured portrayal of a friendship between two people who are rarely seen onscreen."
The Daily Beast

"[A]n elegantly-assembled piece of work."

"These Chicago-based up-and-comers are getting a lot of attention for their web series the T."
Seed & Spark

“Chicago is the most segregated city in the county, and has been. It’s the perfect setting for a story about the transformational power of intersectionality.”

“Native Chicagoans Cordelia and Kyri were selected [as the 2018 Chicago Filmmakers-in-Residence] for their originality and commitment to telling stories that are unique to Chicago.”
Screen Magazine

"We all sort of get to a place or a point where it's just like, I want to show up as who I am."

"But when Cordelia and Kyri gave themselves permission to open doors that had been left firmly shut by decades of LGBTQ representation, they wanted to help kick down others."

“[I]t's breaking a lot of boundaries.”
Chicago Reader

“The series aims to show how truly malleable love is... No one is wrong in their existence and this project is a celebration and affirmation of uniqueness.”
Affinity Magazine

“[W]e have an opportunity to bring forth something really original and important. This is the kind of storytelling that we need in this moment."
Windy City Times